Our Approach

We have used the chameleon as a bit of inspiration for what we stand for.  Just a few changes in cell chemistry and chameleons completely change how the world sees them.  Likewise, when people make small changes to their CVs, social media and interview technique they stop blending in and start standing out. 

Chameleon focuses purely on you to help get your CV, your Social Media presence and ultimately, you, in the best position to land your next step. Because we have worked in recruitment we have a valuable, strategic and impartial viewpoint to support you to achieve your goals.

We deliver results by telling you what you need to hear about your "application potential", whatever the issue may be. We will never hold back on feedback and commit to giving you the solutions and the tools to improve. Our main focus is delivering an outstanding service to our clients to support your career goals, a responsibility we take very seriously.  

If you want to work with people passionate about fighting your corner to improve your chances of getting an interview and converting it into the offer you want, give us a call. 

​Andy Wilkinson - Director

I have worked in market-leading global recruitment brands for over a decade. I have seen fantastic people fail to clear the first hurdle because their CVs didn't articulate their skills and personality or because they failed to prepare for the interview. I wanted to help people show their true colours but in corporate recruitment you don't get enough time and so The Chameleon Career Consultancy was born.

Now I have the opportunity to pass on the lessons I've learned from analysing over 250,000 CV's, conducting over 2,500 mock interviews and assessment days, writing thousands of cover letters for candidates and over 2,000 interview prep sessions. I'm excited to be able to help in your important journey.  

Who We Are & Our Approach