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What is your Linkedin profile and usage saying about you, and who is it saying it to?

Recruiters, both companies and agencies, now use LinkedIn as much as, if not more than, your CV. LinkedIn now has over 400 million users. So within a few minutes employers can do a search of hundreds of thousands of profiles and narrow them down to a handful. Your LinkedIn profile, when optimised, can get employers attention 24/7.  

We train and support you to ensure you are getting the most out of your professional social media  and, by doing an employer style search on your social media profiles, we highlight any issues long before they impact your job search. 

New to LinkedIn

If you don't have a LinkedIn page we will set one up for you and train you how to use it effectively and efficiently as well as what to use it for and what not to use it for.  

Training on posting, messaging, searching and connecting to your network.

More proficient Social Media User

For the more proficient LinkedIn users we work with you to fine tune your profile and develop a social media strategy that positively impacts your job search and gets your profile into the hands of potential employers.

Linkedin Coaching

Typical Process

(LinkedIn Profile Writing and Training)

Send in your current CV

Information gathering phone call to establish more detail 

We re-write and set up your new LinkedIn profile

2 x 1 hour sessions of one to one training (Skype/phone/face to face using screen mirroring) on how to make the most of LinkedIn for your job search:

Linking in with your network

Posting, messaging and maximising your groups

​Gathering endorsements and recommendations

Complimenting your CV

Optimising your profile for searching​

Search your other Social Media to ensure there are no career-limiting: