Process Management

What do you do, how do you do it, why do you do it? 

Does everyone in the business do it the same way?

Candidate Management

Best Practice



Qualifying Candidates

Candidate Registration

Team Communication, Sharing

Recruitment Cycle

​Speed/Time Optimisation

Candidate Assessment, Qualification

Maximising the call

Candidate Control

Red Flags

Making the most of the information you have

​So, how do we help? 

Sometimes you just need a different pair of eyes from outside, asking different questions in different ways to enable you to see what you've "normalised" and to identify solutions. 

We drive improvement with business owners, directors, managers and recruiters directly to ensure the business and individuals are driving towards their goals through a number of different tools depending on the goals and recruiters we are working with...

Strategic Overview

Long Term Planning

Staff Retention

Commission Structures

Succession Planning


Sweating your business information

Making new business from current business


What management information are you leaning on?

How are you motivating your teams?

Do you manage every team member to their strengths? 

The Rounded Consultant

I have a unique 360° view on Recruitment, both front and back end having been both a Recruitment Manager and then an Operations Manager in a recruitment consultancy. With Chameleon I support recruiters get the most out of themselves, their teams and their markets.

What's my background?

I spent 11 years setting up, and running, high performing recruitment teams at Michael Page and Robert Walters. My team at Michael Page still hold the record for annual per capita revenue in the discipline. I made the decision to take over as the Operations Manager in a small recruitment agency. In both scenarios, there were key issues and challenges that needed to be overcome to make the businesses run smarter, smoother and more cost-effectively.

To support my clients these are the sorts of scenarios we work through:

Management Tools



Risk Management

Management Training

Candidate Management

Team Motivation


How often do candidates surprise you with their decisions?

What do you know about the client's process?

What are the risks in our process?

Customer Satisfaction

How does the customer view your interaction?

Is it the same in every team?




Decision Makers

Getting through gatekeepers

Live, call training


There's no such thing as the "typical recruiter". There are good, natural recruiters who balk at structure and micro-management and there are good structured recruiters who shine when their tasks are laid out in a rigid structure. There are a lot of ways to drive success but not "one-size fits all". 

The most successful recruiters play to their strengths but are extremely diligent at identifying and mitigating their weaknesses. 

Are you a recruiter that would like to make more revenue , reduce your stress levels, improve customer satisfaction or take back valuable time? Speak to us to see how we can help you deliver all this and more.

And we can support your candidate base with value add seminars or 1-2-1 coaching on CVs, Interview skills and Linkedin. ​


How can we make your processes work  better?

Is everyone working in the same way to make the business flow?

How do you anticipate what might go wrong?

How much new business do you make from current business?

What are we doing to speed up the recruitment process?


How do you feel managing your business? 

How do you manage your stress? 

What do you know?

What don't you know?

How do I feel about that?