Interview Coaching

Interviews are nerve-wracking. Interviewing is a skill. And skills need to be learned and practiced. If you haven't been to an interview in a while or, worse still, have had a few and been rejected, it's hard to have confidence walking into another meeting. And confidence is key. Humans are hard-wired to think more of confident people.

Coaching enables you to learn, practice and perfect the techniques you need to excel and be confident in your skills in the interview for your dream job. 

Don't let nerves, waffle or lack of structure get in your way.



Linkedin Coaching

Linkedin can feel overwhelming. It can look like a complicated beast especially if you are using it to find a new role, or trying to be found. 

Having used Linkedin as a recruitment tool since its inception we support our clients on, both, what to write in their Profiles as well as how to proactively use Linkedin. To make sure you get the most of Linkedin we go through every aspect of Linkedin such as: who to connect to, groups, updates, comments and documents.

If you're not sure about any of these aspects, don't panic,  help is out there!

CV Coaching

Everyone has a good CV in them but struggles to get it down onto paper. Everyone. If it was easy, you'd probably be an author not an accountant, chef, director etc!

We coax your CV out of its shell by asking you different questions to build content and then coach you through the process of getting that down on paper in an easy to read, concise and achievement led manner. 

At the end of the process you will have you confidence in your CV that perfectly sums you up and makes the most of your professional career. ​

​We firmly believe that working in partnership with you and getting to understand your background, skills and ambitions give us the ammunition to make the changes that will dramatically improve how you put yourself across on paper and in person.  

With over 10 years of recruitment experience in market leading, global recruitment brands we have seen, assessed and improved thousands of candidate applications, both CV and interview, at all levels of role from Associate to C-suite. 

Our focus is understanding and revealing all your achievements and capabilities and displaying them in the best possible light.