Buzzwords, Jargon and other Linkedin Problems

One person’s Head of Procurement is another person’s Procurement Executive and another person’s Vice President of Procurement and Supply Chain.

How do you ensure your LinkedIn profile isn’t confusing employers and holding back your career? LinkedIn currently boasts over 460 million users and two new signups per second. If that makes you feel like a very small fish in a very large pond, don’t worry, you’re not alone! But that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to stand out from the crowd.

5 interview coping mechanisms to get over the nerves

Interviews are stressful. If you’re in an interview and it isn’t stressful you’re in the wrong room or interviewing for the wrong job.

In the second part of my Interview Blog Series, I wanted to cover things to focus on when you are in the interview. We might hope our nerves won’t show but it’s almost inevitable they will if it’s a role that you are keen on. I personally think the mental aspect of an interview needs to be managed before the interview in your preparation.

Want that job? 7 Pitfalls to avoid on your CV

Even with the digital revolution changing the world, CVs are still the Number 1 way to showcase your skills and achievements to a new employer or recruiter.

Before a prospective employer reads a CV they may well have supporting information in the form of a referral,  LinkedIn profile or a cover letter. But however good any supporting information might be, the CV is still the deciding factor when it comes to getting you a face-to-face meeting...


Top Tips to prepare you for any interview

But there are things you can do to prepare yourself for the interview to give the best account of yourself. Everyone should prepare for an interview. Even the best candidate needs to prepare. Imagine being the best candidate and blowing it because you mixed up your interviewer's name or had no idea the company is actually based in France.

Preparing for 'that' interview will make sure you know what you're doing, you look prepared, you look excited about the role and, most importantly, settle your nerves so you can give the best account of yourself in the meeting. Yes, it's dull and yes it takes time but the more you do it the quicker it will be and the better you will find the interviews.

Get your CV past search software and algorithms and in front of the humans

They have started using search software, either on their CV database or on Linkedin, to generate the "Longlist" of CVs they will read. Where once this consisted of using manual codes added to every candidate's CV it's now normally keyword searches. on your CV or LinkedIn profile. 

Your chance to ask questions in the interview - a much overlooked opportunity to make your mark

This is your last chance to show you've done your homework and are interested in the role and the business. Line managers want to feel loved. Just walking out at the end of the interview won't form the bond you might well need to tip you over the other candidate they are considering. This is your chance to take a bit of control in the meeting.

There are some simple do's and don'ts in Interview Questions:

Updating your CV? Put your old CV down and step away.

The first thing everyone does when they are thinking about updating their CV is get their old CV out.

 As soon as you look at your old CV that's now your frame of reference and will cloud your mind as soon as you start thinking about roles, responsibilities, jobs, wins, losses. Your new CV will have all the same mistakes, issues, forgotten achievements that your old CV did.

Your old CV is also just that, old. Leave it alone to start with and try something else. Give yourself the chance of a clean slate and spend half an hour on this exercise before getting your old CV out.

Interview Nerves - Diagnosis and Remedies

Interview nerves, death and taxes. They’re all inevitable but with a good doctor, accountant and some practice you stand a good chance of putting off their impact! (Ok, maybe not all of them but…)

I have written blogs on what to prepare for interviews but interview nerves will always need attention. Preparing for the company, the role and the interviewer is a good start but if you get interview nerves you might benefit from thinking about them in more detail, understanding where those nerves come from and how to combat them.

Does your CV pack a punch for a real live human?

It’s all very well being able to get your CV past a computer algorithm. But how can you make sure it packs a punch when it lands in front of a human?

In my previous article, I discussed the power of using the right keywords to make sure your CV gets past the recruitment gates. With more recruiters than ever using digital searching and algorithms for creating candidate long-lists, you want to be sure that your CV stands up digitally.

Help! A potential employer asked for my facebook password

You’re in the middle of a job interview when the recruiter shocks you by asking for your Facebook password, citing “company policy”. Do you: A) Meekly hand it over; B) Kick over your chair and storm out; or C) Politely but firmly refuse? Have you ever been asked to hand over your social media details…

Job hunting after Maternity Break

After three months out of a working environment I found going back to work nerve wracking. As many mothers often have much longer out, going back to work must be an even more daunting prospect and I can't presume to understand how you feel. Firstly as a man, I can't know and even more than that, it is intensely person and everyone is different.

But I hope with some tips I can make it easier or at least answer some questions or demonstrate from my experience that lots of people go through the same things.​