Chameleon Career Consultancy

Achieving your career goals isn't simple. You need a set of skills you don't use in everyday life. 

We make it easier by building your skills, ensuring people see you in the best light. Whether you need help fine-tuning your CV, improving your Linkedin profile and presence or gaining confidence in interviews, we are here to help at all levels in your career, from Associate to C-suite. 

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We run  practical, group-based workshops to give you the confidence and skills to master these CV, Interview and Social Media techniques as well as dedicated sessions to practice.

At the end of the course you will have:

  • Your tailored CV
  • Optimised LinkedIn profile
  • Practiced  your interview technique​​

​Two days to change your future. ​​

Show your true colours

Student Workshops

It is your CV and, unlike many CV writing services, we make sure it stays that way.

We with you to improve your CV until you have an exceptional document that is  tailored, representative and  concise that sells you​ to your prospective employer.  


A partnership bringing the best you into the light.​​



Interviewing is a skill.

And skills need to be learned and practiced.

Coaching enables you to learn and develop the techniques you need to excel in the interview for your dream job. 

Don't let nerves, waffle or lack of structure get in your way.


Banish nerves and embrace confident interviewing. ​​



Develop a Social Media strategy to complement your CV, engage prospective employers and showcase your talents.​

​We give you the skills to set up and use Linkedin as a pro-active networking tool working for you behind the scenes 24/7.

We also conduct Employer style Social Media searches to ensure you don't get caught out on other Social Media.

Get yourself out there.​​